Announcing LabWeek Field Building at Edge Esmeralda in June 2024 

Protocol Labs
Protocol Labs
Announcing LabWeek Field Building at Edge Esmeralda in June 2024

As part of our vision (opens new window) to drive breakthroughs in computing to push humanity forward, Protocol Labs (opens new window), in collaboration with The Foresight Institute (opens new window), is excited to unveil our second decentralized conference of the year: LabWeek Field Building (opens new window) at Edge Esmeralda (opens new window) in California.

From June 10-16, 2024, LabWeek Field Building will bring together pioneers and innovators from various fields of frontier science to encourage collaboration and drive progress. The conference will be set in Edge Esmeralda (opens new window), a temporary city built in Healdsburg, CA designed to spark new ideas and partnerships.

# A Commitment to Developing Advanced Technologies

As we navigate further into this pivotal century, the urgency of our mission becomes clear. Armed with the ability to alter genetic sequences, redefine our fundamental nature, and unite in tackling global challenges, we find ourselves on the brink of an era that calls for both prudence and boldness.

LabWeek Field Building is not just another conference; it's a convergence of minds, ideas, and possibilities. During the week, we'll focus on four main tracks.

  1. Neurotech, WBE, BCI: Discover the latest developments in brain-computer interfaces (BCI) and whole brain emulation (WBE), specifically the potential critical role for AI safety and human-machine cooperation.
  2. Human-AI Cooperation: Examine the near and far future of human-AI cooperation, focusing on creating systems that could potentially overcome global challenges, enhance planetary coherence, and expand our cosmic horizons.
  3. Biotech & Longevity: Explore the frontier of biotechnological innovations, specifically aimed at extending the healthy human lifespan.
  4. XR (Extended Reality): Immerse yourself in the blooming fields of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and the metaverse, focusing on their roles in enhancing and revolutionizing human interactions.

In addition to these tracks, we will also  address transversal topics such as robotics, nanotechnology, governance, DeSci, biodiversity, and space exploration

Confirmed speakers include:

And many more!

# Workshops, Panels, Networking & More

The decentralized conference will include a dive deep into cutting-edge topics led by industry experts. Explore AI safety, brain-computer interfaces, longevity research, and the future of immersive technologies. Interactive Panels will feature thought-provoking discussions with leaders shaping the future of their respective fields. Attendees can also experiment with the latest technologies firsthand with interactive demos and citizen science projects, as well as make contributions to real-time data collection and analysis.

# See You There

LabWeek Field Building at Edge Esmeralda is not just an event; it’s a movement towards a brighter future. Join us as we push the boundaries of what’s possible and shape the course of technological and scientific innovation.

Learn more and apply to attend at (opens new window)

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